Linking the Unbanked with the World.

Excel Remit is operated by Nexus Telecom a South Sudanese registered company limited as a contribution to solve the common problems of the unbanked last-miles and low-income communities: Diasporas seeking for easy and quick means of sending money home: expats looking for a cheap, simple way to move money to and from their new home countries.

The online money transfer services are linking South Sudan with the rest of the world as a global money transfer platform that aim to meet all the financial needs of its customers; Ease access to the financial services constraints of expats and diasporas through latest technologies to deliver customers centred affordable financial services.

Locally, our mobile money services empower the unbanked last-miles communities by easing financial services anywhere in the country without the high fees and the bureaucracy involved working with banks.

Excel Remit works with agents in all states and counties, enabling customers to send and receive money, withdraw cash, buy goods and services, pay bills.

Working in partnership with MTN and Zain mobile networks, we are also able to deliver your money to mobile wallets or simply top-up airtime and data anywhere in the country.

Excel Remit is a payment institution authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) in the United Kingdom (Financial Services Register reference xxxxxxx).